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Locate Free History Lesson Plans and Interactive Media Through Smithsonian’s History Explorer


The Smithsonian’s History Explorer is packed with lesson plans, interactive media, and reference pages for teachers and students. Using the search tools teachers can find lesson plans for every K-12 grade aligned to national standards for U.S. History. Teachers can search for lesson plans and other materials by grade level, resource type, historical era, and cross-curricular connections.

Applications for Education

I’ve used the Smithsonian’s History Explorer on a number of occasions over the years. America on the Move is one of the features that I found through the History Explorer and used a few years ago in a ninth grade class.

America on the Move showcases the evolution of transportation in the United States. America on the Move is divided into three main sections; Exhibition, Collection, and Themes. America on the Move offers three well-designed educational games for students. Each of the games is requires students to analyze and process information about the history of transportation. In the first game, Where’s Everyone Going? students match vehicles to their proper era to learn about transportation in that era. In the second game, Drive Through Time, students spin a clock to select a year. Then they select a scenario and mode of transportation appropriate for that scenario’s era. In the third game, Be a Movie Director, students select a storyline and the modes of transportation necessary for the storyline. At the end the students will see the movie they created.

Top 20 Websites for Social Studies Teachers

1. iCivics
2. Teaching Tolerance
3. Library of Congress
4. National Archives
5. Stanford’s Reading Like a Historian
6. Historical Thinking Matters‎
7. Classroom Law Project
8. Center for History and New Media
9. Teaching History
10. World History Matters
11. Teaching American History
12. California History-Social Studies Project
13. Smithsonian Education
14. National Constitution Center
15. Mr. Donn’s Social Studies Site
16. Hippocampus
17. The Gilder Lehrman Institute of American History
18. Social Studies Chat
19. Crash Course World History
20. Discovery Education Social Studies


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