Internet safety and Cyberbullying


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Webonauts Internet Academy

               In the Webonauts Internet Academy, children play through a series of 12 missions adhering to the Webonauts’ motto:  “Observe, Respect, Contribute.”  Each mission helps children understand critical online safety issues, such as the importance of protecting passwords and maintaining privacy settings.  Other missions teach how to differentiate between credible and non-credible sources of information and how to react to bullying. (CPS, 2009) When playing on this site there were many missions, totaling about 30 minutes long, that each focused on a different Internet safety topic. Some of the lessons I found really important were the ones on cyber bulling, site credibility, and privacy of information. I found the most difficult lesson to be the part of the game where children are asked to go find a source and then asked if they really want to trust the source they just found. This is important because do we really want the students to trust a source from The New York Times website or a source from US Weekly? This is fabulous! The earlier children learn to find credible sources, the better off and more prepared they’ll be when asked to do it for a homework assignment. (Yakini, 2010)
Along with the game there is a parent’s section and teacher section to the game that gives short tips to help your child and conversations to have with your child regarding the topics of the game. When using the game in the classroom there is a key words section that defines the new technology words to help the students better understand and comprehend their learning. I found this game incredibly educational and fun to play and Commonsense Media scored the site very high for Internet safety.

Internet Safety Cheat Sheet


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