National Education Teaching Standards for Technology

As a teacher we are to become facilitators for students creativity, developing-fostering and modeling digital experiences and learning, and promoting digital citizenship and responsibility (Weidig 2011).
NETS-T Standard 1: Facilitate and Inspire
The first standard addresses the need to facilitate the experience to advance students learning with creativity through face-to-face and virtual environments. It asks teachers to explore real life issues with the digital world while collaborating with others. As a teacher it is very important to inspire students in everything they are learning not just the technology strand of learning.
NETS-T Standard 2: Design and Develop
The second standard addresses the need to develop lessons that use digital tools to enrich the students learning. As a teacher we are supposed to use technology to help students with different learning styles. We are also requested to design different forms of assessment to determine the student’s different technology levels.
NETS-T Standard 3: Model
The third standard addresses the need to constantly model for your students. As a teacher you need to demonstrate your ability to use technology for your students to believe they can use technology. Many teachers use computers and technology in their daily life but often do not do it in front of the students, by showing the students where you are finding information to teach them will help them understand that they can use technology as well and inspiring them to use it. In an elementary school many students are simply amazed by what you can do with computers but would love to see us as teachers to model how we use it so they can learn from us. This standard lends itself the most to English Language Learners; these students’ need constant modeling to learn from.
NETS-T Standard 4: Digital Citizenship and Responsibility
The fourth standard addresses the need to use proper behavior and follow the laws of using technology. One of the main legal behaviors we as teachers must follow and explain how to follow for students is the respect for copyright. Teaching the students to become good citizens of the Internet will help them grow and understand the rules of technology use. Following all the other standards of modeling, facilitating, and developing you can help students understand the awareness of following the proper behaviors for using technology.
NETS-T Standard 5: Professional Growth
The fifth standard addresses the need to continuously grow as a teacher through Professional development. As a teacher we have heard of professional development over and over and this standard is just asking that we take a few workshops or classes related to technology on a regular basis. Through these workshops and classes we as teachers are contributing to the growing education in technology.

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