One iPad in the Classroom


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Organize your Student Work with Three Ring!

Keep a Teacher Portfolio of your Student’s Work! 

Three Ring is a fantastic, free service for digitizing and organizing your students’ physical work. With the free app installed on your iPad you can take a picture of a student’s assignment and upload it to your Three Ring account. In your Three Ring account you can add note about the assignment for yourself, the student, and the student’s parents to see. You can create folders for each student in each of your classes. Three Ring provides a great way for teachers whose students produce a lot of handwritten, drawn, and hand-built work.

Ideas: Three Ring could be used by art teachers to create a digital record of each student’s work. Three Ring is also useful for mathematics teachers whose students do a lot of work on paper rather than typing as they solve problems.

More….ONE iPad in the Classroom IDEAS:

Student Participation and Personalize Questioning – With the App, Stick Pick. the teacher can enter student names and assign a level of Bloom’s Questioning prompts. The teacher pulls names randomly for student participation and appropriate level questions.

Multi player apps – Futaba is one of the first apps that 4 players can use at a time. It turns the iPad into a SMART table for collaboration. 

Small group instruction- There are countless apps that can be downloaded for free or at very little cost that are beneficial for a small group of 4-6 students to work on together. For example, in Math instruction, the apps Tan Zen,Dice Roller, Number Line,  and PiCubed Lite can be used with pairs or small groups of students.  While these students work through the questions/problems on the iPad, the others work it on white boards or with manipulatives. The iPad gets passed around the table in a clockwise motion and continue until everyone has had at least 2 turns. This provides opportunities for multiple representation addressing various learning styles.
  Sushi Monster and Splash Math are free and great apps to try too.

Paired with Document Camera- The iPad under the document camera can be projected on to the SMART board. One or more students can take turns clicking the iPad. BrainPop’s featured movie using the BrainPop app can be used this way.  The iPad can also be a document camera in itself by using the build in HD camera hooked into a projector with a cable connector.

As a Center Activity- Individual or pairs of students use the iPad for interactive reading, writing, listening to audiobooks, podcasts, or viewing videos from iTunes U  (a splitter can be used for multiple headphones) or you can load book in your iBooks too.

Wireless Interactive Slate- With the Splashtop or Screen chomp app, a teacher can control the computer with the iPad. This allows freedom to walk around the room and use the iPad as an interactive slate. Instead of having students go to the board to click, drag, write, ect., they can do the same things from their seats on the teacher iPad! This allows for even more interactive lessons because of the time efficiency.  With the Reflector app, the iPad can be wirelessly displayed on the SMARTboard to engage student’s in interactive apps, videos, websites, or ebooks, while the teacher walks around the room controlling the content remotely.    Have students demonstrate their methods for problem-solving to the class with the app Educreations. Save the recording for archiving on a website or student eportfolio.

As a Student Response System With SMARTboard Virtual responders, eClicker app or web 2.0 polling tools, students can respond to questions using the iPad, Groups of 2-4 students can “share” the iPad when choosing their answer. One desk grouping could use it , then pass it to the next group for the next question. This allows for more active engagement and collaboration., similar to “Think Pair Share” strategy used in reading.   Or you can use Socrative for students.

Video Journaling – The iPad can be used for HD video recording to document student progress, videotaping student roleplay, skits, puppet shows, or other classroom activites. iMovie app can be used to create digital videos of student projects. 

HD Camera- The teachers and/or students can use the iPad to take high def photos and create slide shows or presentations. 

Audio Recording – Several apps can be used to record student narrations. With the app, Sonicpics, Storykit, or Book Creator, each student can create an illustration or take a photo and add narration. This can be published as a class book.

Data Collection -Teachers can easily collect data for student performance with Dibles and other apps.

Teacherkit is an app that enables teachers to organize classes and students. It can be used for tracking behavior, creating seating charts, etc.  You can also track behavior with ClassDojo.

Blended Learning  – The Skype or Fring  app can be used for two way collaboration, allowing a teacher to videoconference with another teacher/class either in the school or in another school anywhere in the world.

Flipped Classroom – Teachers can use the iPad to videotape their lessons and use the app Educreations to create a screencast of a lesson for students to listen to for practice or enrichment or  if they were absent. Teachers could post on their website, so students could view in advance to prepare for application. 



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