PD 360

PD 360 is a comprehensive, on-demand library of professional development resources that leverages technology to make professional learning more effective, convenient, and sustainable. PD 360 is one of the suites of products offered by School Improvement Network.

With over 200 hours of research-based video content, plus tools for follow-up, tracking, reflection, and group training, PD 360 is the most comprehensive solution to your professional development needs. In well-organized video clips, PD360 presents examples an explanations of best educational practices that are research-based and proven to increase achievement in classrooms.

The video programs in PD 360 feature nationally recognized experts, presenters, and researchers. In addition, the programs feature thousands of exceptional classrooms at all age levels from urban, suburban, and rural settings.  Using PD 360, principals, teachers, and all educators can discover new concepts and learn from a broad range of topics, gain expertise at a deep level, and customize and organize material to meet individual needs.

Click Here to view a video that will introduce you to PD360!

PD360 User Guide to view the user-guide for PD360.  It is printer friendly and a great resource.