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Need ideas for your  21st Century Classroom?                                                      Visit: TeAch-nology.com

For over a decade, TeAchnology has been providing free and easy to use resources for teachers dedicated to improving the education of today’s generation of students. We feature 46,000+ lesson plans, 10,200 free printable worksheets, rubrics, teaching tips, worksheet makers, web quests, math worksheets, and thousands of other great teacher resources. We are the online teacher resource that is designed to help busy Kindergarten through High School teachers.

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 Here are some terrific resources that TeAchnology and some other sites can provide for you and your students:

1. Graphic Organizers
Helping students remember and organize their work into a digestible format is a tall order.  Graphic organizers really get the job done. Here is one of our favorite places online from graphic organizers: If you are looking want the best available online, you will find them here:


2. Rubric Makers
Rubrics are an integral part to today’s daily assessment.  It is great to be able to customize them and make them specific to your situation.  This tool does a great job of it:


3. Word Clouds
Making word clouds is fun for students and really shows them if they overuse words when writing.  Wordle is a great tool to make these in seconds.


4. Math Worksheets
If you teach math, having an endless supply of high quality printable resources is a must!  This site recently launched one of the biggest offerings ever for Kindergarten through High School students at no cost. All the resources are aligned to the core curriculum:


Here is a really cool resource that reviews the top 10 math skills by grade level:

5. Common Core Curriculum Standards
Needless to say, we find ourselves reviewing the common core standards every day.   Over the last year, this site has become the background of every teacher’s computer. The standards are very well put together.


6. Lesson Plans Center                                                                                                   As teachers we are constantly writing lessons for all types of activities and concepts. Always in search of new ideas!  This is by far a terrific place for lesson plans.  They have templates, planning tools, and a huge volume of great ideas for all grades and subjects.


7. English Language Arts Worksheets
You will find so many great printables at this site; you won’t know where to start. The have a huge array of materials available.



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