Holiday Technology Ideas for the classroom

Christmas in the post-War United States

Holiday Fun for the SMARTboard!!!

Try the following out on your SMARTboard with your class!

Make sure you visit Speakaboos!! This site offers free online children’s stories and they have two great Christmas selections: The Fir Tree by Hans Christian Andersen and A Christmas Carol by Charles Dickens. You can watch the stories on line for free or download them to watch in full screen (which would be great to view on the SMARTBoard).  Some features are only available once you complete the free registration.

Teachers Love SMARTBoards has a Christmas Holiday Resource page filled with resources, games, activities with a Holiday theme. This is a great site anytime of the year!

Rudolph is Missing is a wonderful interactive book that takes students on an adventure to find Rudolph for Santa.  As an added bonus, during the adventure students are asked thoughtful questions to answer.  This is definitely a fun activity that works well on the SMARTBoard. is a wonderful place to find some great Christmas fun! For the SMARTBoard make sure you check out the Elves’ Game Chest  since it is filled with several interactive games including, checkers, word search, crossword puzzle and even a game to reinforce telling time and making change! Santa alaso offers a plethera of free Christmas themed worksheets in a variety of categories for ages PreK-3. In Santa’s Secret Village you will fins more than two dozen original stories with hand drawn or painted artwork. They also come complete with audio! And for the next game, grab your hot chocolate, turn up the volume and have  some fun with Disco Dancing Santa!!– this is the jackpot in interactive Christmas games and they all work well with the SMARTBoard.  There are 5 themed Christmas mini quizzes, decorate the Christmas tree, tic tac toe, a Santa puzzle, etc.

The British Council has a couple of fun activities. Santa Rodeo  is a very fun way to have students practice spelling skills.  Two predetermined words appear on the screen and they have to click on the word that is spelled correctly. There are two levels – the easier level being kids and the more difficult level being adults. Students love to see and play this game on the SMARTBoard.

Northumberland has two basic numeracy activities with a Holiday theme: Christmas Tree and Santa.  Both work well on the SMARTBoard.


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