Terrific Web 2.0 tools for 21st Century Learners

If you are interested in using one of these tools in your classroom, contact me and I can help model a Lesson or Unit.  The Web 2.0 tools listed below are all linked to the site and will motivate and engage your 21st Century Learners.

  1. BLOGGER: I would have to say Blogger is my top Web 2.0 and 21st century tool pick. From an educational standpoint, blogs allows educators and students to collaborate, share instructional resources, create content and connect to mainstream social media channels such as YouTube, podcasts, other blogs, tweets, social bookmarks, etc. all on a single centralized page.
  2. FOTOFLEXER: fotoflexer.com
  3. EJUCOMM: ejucomm.com
  4. VOKI: Voki is a great way to have students share their knowledge of a topic in 60 seconds or less. Makes students organize their thoughts to focus on key details.
  5. SKYPE: Skype is a great way to bring guest speakers to your classroom without the cost of transportation or missed work time.
  6. POLL ANYWHERE: Poll anywhere is a great way to bring in mobile devices into the classroom to access student knowledge during discussion.
  7. PENZU: Penzu is a great tool to encourage students to do some online journaling and then they can share their entry via email.
  8. EYEJOT: Eyejot is a great way to share a quick video message and allows for the nonverbal message to be heard with the written.
  9. ANIMOTO: Animoto is a great tool to use for turning photos and short video clips into great videos.
  10. COLLABORIZE CLASSROOM: I love http://www.collaborizeclassroom.com/. It takes students to the next level of thinking while writing!
  11. EDMODO: My personal favorite is http://www.edmodo.com – the look and feel of Facebook with the educational perspective…polls, assignments, a gradebook, and now quizzes!
  12. EDUBLOGS: My Favorite is http://edublogs.org/
  13. TRIPITCO: http://www.triptico.co.uk/ excellent free downloadable IWB tools. It gives you the tools to create your own activities for any subject or level. Very easy to use.
  14. KIDBLOG: Kidblog.org is designed for elementary and middle school teachers who want to provide each student with an individual blog.
  15. XTRANORMAL: I love Xtranormal! This is the easiest cartoon/movie maker I have ever seen! They now offer educator accounts so you pay nothing! My students loved using it to explain the results of their science labs and to present info. In my new position as an instructional coach, I have used it to excite teachers about using technology in their classroom and add a bit of humor and interest to our training sessions!
  16. VOICETHREAD: I would have to say VoiceThread is one of the better Web 2.0 tools that I have used with students. It allows users to tell their story and collaborate with others.  Even students that were hard to reach were able to do a great job in sharing their voice to the conversation.
  17. WIKIS: Wikis (Wikispaces.com) is my favorite tool in recent months. I never imagined it would be so easy to use both for specific collaborative projects or complete courses.
  18. WORDLE: Wordle is my favorite Web 2.0 tool…. love using it to teach word choice. It is an excellent tool to integrate literacy into other content areas.
  19. WORDPRESS (.com and .org): My favorite web 2.0 tool is WordPress. I use it for my website and it is user-friendly and free.
  20. WEBQUEST: WebQuest. Creating Webquests are a great way to motivate and engage students in research projects
  21. CLASSDOJO: My favorite web 2.0 tool is classdojo. I love this. As teachers walk around the room they are able to update each students behavior. You can share the data with parents via email and it’s a terrific communication tool for school to home.  ClassDojo was featured on Edudemic here.
  22. CONCEPT BOARD: At the moment I like http://conceptboard.com – best non-flash whiteboard tool I’ve ever seen – runs perfectly even on the slowest connections. + kids love it
  23. PREZI: Prezi is my fav Web 2.0 tool because it makes presentations fresh, energetic and brings the basics of “show and tell” into the future. Excellent tool for sharing and engaging the audience with more creative, imaginative content. Kudos to Prezi !!!
  24. ADOBE EDUCATION EXCHANGE: More than 2,000 resources for all kinds of teachers. Simple way to find some curated teaching tools.
  25. TUTORVISTA: I think tutorvista is best web 2.0  It teaches math, English, etc.
  26. PICNIK: Picnik is my cool Web 2.0 tool. Even though I have Photoshop mastered I find myself using Picnik for a lot of my photo editing and cropping. They have very cool special effects that only take 1 click and you can easily make collages.
  27. AVIARY: Aviary is my favorite web2.0 tool playing with music and pictures becomes fun www.aviary.com
  28. GOOGLE DOCS: My favorite Web 2.0 tool is probably Google Docs. It makes file transfer a complete breeze for students who change computers often. Runners up are Gmail and Tumblr.
  29. SLIDESHARK: SlideShark converts your PowerPoint files without losing any of your original formatting, transitions, or animations.
  30. GOOGLE MAPS: Google Maps has gotten me to more destinations than I can remember. Mapquest who?
  31. KAYWA QR: Kaywa QR code generator (http://qrcode.kaywa.com/) is a web tool that I use quite often. I’ve put codes on business cards, web page, bulletin boards, brochures, etc. I’m in the process of adding QR codes to some trade books to enhance the reading experience.
  32. SUPERKIDS: SuperKids has created a collection of easy-to-use, free educational resources, for home and school.
  33. TEACHING CHANNEL: It is a great tool for educators. They have useful videos for teachers, and lots of resources and lesson plans that go along with the videos.
  34. TESTMOZ: Easy way to create online tests.  Makes us teachers life a little bit easier!!!
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