UdLib Search Updates

There have been some new developments in the UDLib/SEARCH Program in recent months, and I have highlighted that information below:

* We have created 7 How-to-Guides that provide information such as how to find content by reading level in the UDLib/SEARCH databases or which databases provide information about environmental science, geography, or tips on writing research papers. The guides can be accessed at http://udlibsearch.libguides.com/.

* We have purchased the 2012 editions of the ebooks Alternative Energy and Biotechnology.

* SIRS Discoverer has created an Election 2012 Database Feature accessible from the database entry page.

* There are 205 new biographies listed in the database Biography in Context.

* Britannica has a new focus on Common Core Standards. If you would like to access either the Common Core or the Delaware Standards along with Britannica content that supports each standard, select the link to Britannica’s “Teacher Resources” at the top of the database entry page and scroll down to the link for “Curriculum Standards.”

* Britannica is also creating a new interface for the Britannica Online School Edition. Over the next month, content will still be loaded into the new interface. To see the preview site, simply click the “Go to Preview Site” link at the top of the Britannica screen. UDLib/SEARCH will retain access to the existing interface for Britannica Online School Edition throughout the 2012-2013 school year. The new Britannica interface will be the default on the UDLib/SEARCH site in the 2013-2014 school year.

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